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Art Club, My desk today

If you knew me, you would know that although I am creative and happy to give most things a go, I can be a bit of a quitter if I don’t ‘get it’ pretty quickly… So yesterday was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever agreed to – I did a full day’s abstract painting workshop with two of the other creative souls from our collective!!

This was going to be my big school holiday ‘art club’ treat – I wasn’t planning any trips away these hols, so this was something to look forward to. And it WAS a really terrific day – Richard Rogers is an interesting and inspiring teacher, and spending the day doing art with a bunch of other people was heaven, BUT it was hard. Really, really hard!!!

I think I partly struggled with the fact that the styles we were being taught are so far removed from how I normally paint. Or I might just be making up excuses! I wasn’t particularly pleased with anything I produced for the day, but I feel like I learnt a lot of new tricks, particularly in terms of idea development and process. Our teacher reinforced the fact that all our paintings are still works in progress, so when I got home, I thought I’d take another look and see where these might go. I’ll show you later, if there is any further development!

Another exciting event for the school holidays has been my return to life drawing classes. I drew all through uni until 1994, then once about 8 years ago with a class at school!! I saw the Robert Hannaford exhibition in it’s last few days recently, and was reminded of how much I enjoy drawing from a model… Not to say I’m any good at it, but it is certainly an activity I’d like to continue…

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