Fringe Festival 2019

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All the small things

Duck ‘n Weave are excited to announce our next exhibition – All the small things – for the Adelaide Fringe Festival this year. We’ve all had quite a reflective year, and want to share with you some of our revelations!

As a collective, we are going strong, in spite of one member spending a lot of time away from Adelaide! We are getting better at remotely supporting and inspiring one another, and find we are able to bring a freshness to our work as a result.

Once this show opens, I’ll share some of the artwork on display…


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I have just completed two paintings ( A Noisy Bunch 1 & 2) especially for this exhibition, and can hardly wait to see the work by the other contributing artists! I have loved working within this theme, and feel like it might linger a little longer in my painting!! Flowers have always been a true love of mine – I’m absolutely no gardener, but really enjoy the pleasure of having them around me. It’s quite lovely to have my two finished paintings hanging where I can see them frequently!

I’d love you to come and check out the exhibition, if you are able to!

My desk today

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Spot the birdie?

From time to time, school holidays are blessed with a visit from some of the interstate cousins… My studio, aka ‘the spare room’, was vacated so there were enough beds to go around, so I moved my set-up to the lounge. Much to Pikachu the cockatiel’s joy – he had ALL of the brushes to chew, and both the play area on his cage and his portable ‘landing pad’ near by. All of the foods, all of the scritches! Happy birdie.

What you see in progress here are the beginning of a series of small acrylic paintings for my upcoming Fringe exhibition with DuCK N weave Collective. I think there will be six or eight of these by the time I finish, to go with three larger pieces.

A new direction

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I was sooo relieved when the Christmas holidays arrived…  I’ve been getting very little work done recently, and our DuCK N weave Collective’s exhibition for the Fringe Festival is looming!!

I have recently completed a commissioned piece, but have a hundred other ideas piling up in my brain… I’d love to have lots of new work to choose from for our next show. We are planning a community art piece as part of it too, which will complement some of my other art.

As an added… bonus??… one of my DuCK N weave colleagues has encouraged me to put two other pieces in another show during the Fringe. ‘Bouquet’, by the Port Adelaide Artist’s Forum (PAAF), is exploring floral painting in the 21st century. I was pretty excited about incorporating some of my birds into big, colourful bunches of flowers!

A Noisy Bunch 1 – work in progress

I finished A Noisy Bunch 1 on Boxing Day – not bad considering I only started it 10 days earlier. I have to admit, my parenting/cooking/cleaning has been on the lax side as a result!

At the start of December we had this little bloke join our family. Obviously he had to take part in on of my paintings eventually!

If only my subject would sit still…


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Since hanging our exhibition for the SALA Festival, I have done very little art. Instead, my home has been the canvas as we have begun to create a Mexican-inspired space. Colour is key!! A recent visitor commented that he had been painting his bathroom, too, but nothing nearly as bold as we had done! (Still not sure if that was a compliment or not…!!) I love waking up to my new turquoise bedroom in particular, but our sunny golden lounge and dining area feels warm, like a big cuddle.
I was excited to sell some of my work at the SALA show, and have been keen to make some time to get back into it. I have finally settled into a new piece, and it’s kind of making its own way! Each time I work on it, it is developing into something new. I think I love what it is becoming…

Detail – Ghost House – work in progress

In other news, we have just registered for our next exhibition which will be part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival early next year! We will be showing as DuCK N weave artists collective – made up of the four of us who began our unofficially named ‘art club’ back in January. I’m very excited to continue my art journey with these three inspiring women!

Under the desk


Our poster, ready for printing!


Although our exhibition isn’t opening until the 14th of August, we have the invitations and posters all set to go. Now it feels like something that is really happening!!

Lots of loose ends to tie up over the next few months – I start things enthusiastically, but then need some thinking time before I can finish them. Occasionally, this has been y..e..a..r..s….. Here’s hoping I can keep the creative cogs turning over productively between now and opening day!!

Just getting started…

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This year I set a goal to be as artistically busy as I can be.

For a few years, cakes have been my main creative outlet, but I have really, really missed making art – for the simple pleasure of getting an idea out, rather than to meet somebody else’s specifications.

So, with some other teacher artists, I am working towards an exhibition in August. Having a focus like this is the most motivating thing EVER!! ​This will be proof (to myself and anybody else who requires it!) of my achievements…

Today’s workspace