Roots doing their thing.

Once upon a time, I found a ‘Lucky Bamboo’ plant which had been left behind in a shopping trolley. I do wonder if the purchaser had a change of heart back at their car, or if they simply overlooked it, perched in the toddler seat.
It now lives in a milk bottle in our bathroom. The sun shines through the root-filled water and highlights to me this tiny world within. Some days,I wish sea monkeys lived there. I still haven’t ruled it out…


This single dainty petal blew into the front yard today. I know the plant it comes from, a pelargonium, is two blocks further along the street.
The colour jumped out at me from amongst the fallen gumnuts and leaves, and I had to walk back to it for a closer look! I am intrigued by the gorgeous detail in the centre – almost feathery looking.
I have been playing with pattern and tesselations lately… This pretty lends itself nicely to the process!



A mash-up of some of my favourite bits!

For Mother’s Day recently, my beautiful boy took me to see the Magic Object exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia before it closed. Gee, was I glad we got there in time… So much intriguing work to marvel at. Tom Moore’s glass sculptures blew my mind!!! The staggering number of pieces, firstly – when you produce SO much work (and it’s all fragile), how do you store it in the lead up to a show like this?? We decided he must use an entire warehouse. We also think he and Shaun Tan must be mates. Their quirky characters would get along well 🙂


The painted sky

Inspiration, Painting

These are the things I look at. A LOT. The principal at school asked me the other day where I was, as I stared out the staff room window… We are on a hill, so have beautiful, uninterrupted views of the changing skyline. A little distracting at times – look at all that different blue, and those textures, and that LIGHT…

In February, I began a project painting cloudscapes, some of which I plan to add to with automated bits and pieces. But more on that later.

This collage shows my first three paintings from the series – the painting itself is finished, but the ‘artwork’ is not yet complete.

Three of the cloudy pics I have started work on.

And lately, I have been braver about working a little larger (not much, but a bit!), and a lot bolder. This is only half done, but let’s see where it goes… I’ve been making a time lapse video of the progress, which is fun to look back on!

Big, bold, cloudy day