The Wonderful World of Open Studios

Open Studio


I started this year off with an open studio… I announced it on Facebook and honestly thought I’d probably end up spending the morning in the studio on my own. My new studio is super tiny – slightly bigger than the bedroom I was originally working in, so my other anxiety-inducing thought was ‘What if too many people come?’

It ended up being a stinking hot sunny day – 37 degrees – so I immediately assumed that would keep people at home, but it turns out I was wrong! A range of people visited as the morning progressed – some just wanted a look around and a chat, others joined in with what I was doing, and some even brought their own projects to work on. It was a wonderful way to build some inspiration!!

Based on the feedback I had, and inquiries from those unable to come, I’ve decided to have regular open studio days throughout the year. AND I’ve just put in AC so can guaranteed the perfect temperature!!



Roots doing their thing.

Once upon a time, I found a ‘Lucky Bamboo’ plant which had been left behind in a shopping trolley. I do wonder if the purchaser had a change of heart back at their car, or if they simply overlooked it, perched in the toddler seat.
It now lives in a milk bottle in our bathroom. The sun shines through the root-filled water and highlights to me this tiny world within. Some days,I wish sea monkeys lived there. I still haven’t ruled it out…