House or home?


Line ’em up!

Something delightful about working with wire and tissue paper – the more layers of diluted PVA I paint onto the tissue, the more fragile and transparent it appears, whilst also getting stronger and tighter! This weekend, I was able to paint five more layers of glue onto these little buildings. More to come, though!

Work in progress – Harder on the Inside

Let there be light!

My desk today, Sculpture
I spent a chunk of yesterday pulling apart electrical equipment to re-purpose LED lights, switches and wiring in one of my sculptures. ┬áIt’s super exciting to think about using ‘light and sound’ with some of my work, but I still have EVERYTHING to learn…

(I’m a wannabe electro-geek!)

Regardless, I did manage to get the desired effect going on with this piece, ‘Safe House’.
I just need to construct the timber base for it to hover above (and hide the battery).


All of the lino pieces used in these sculptures were given to me by friends and family, and all come from the homes of real people! I love that about each sample – they are worn, have scuff marks, paint splashes and other little blemishes… they have all been part of a family.
The piece of lino on the lower right of this image is from the 30s or 40s… unlike the other pieces, it’s design goes right through to the hessian backing – it was composed *of* the pattern, rather than being printed with a design after the sheet of plain lino has been produced.