The painted sky

Inspiration, Painting

These are the things I look at. A LOT. The principal at school asked me the other day where I was, as I stared out the staff room window… We are on a hill, so have beautiful, uninterrupted views of the changing skyline. A little distracting at times – look at all that different blue, and those textures, and that LIGHT…

In February, I began a project painting cloudscapes, some of which I plan to add to with automated bits and pieces. But more on that later.

This collage shows my first three paintings from the series – the painting itself is finished, but the ‘artwork’ is not yet complete.

Three of the cloudy pics I have started work on.

And lately, I have been braver about working a little larger (not much, but a bit!), and a lot bolder. This is only half done, but let’s see where it goes… I’ve been making a time lapse video of the progress, which is fun to look back on!

Big, bold, cloudy day