West Side Stories

City of West Torrens Little Galleries & Mrs Harris’ Shop, Torrensville – March 2022

Artists & local story keepers were brought together to create a body of art stories told through a variety of mediums, big and small, in little galleries and large formats, indoors and outdoors across the City of West Torrens.

Strong Women of the West: Little Gallery – Behind Hamra Centre Library

My work often references domestic settings, memory and the experiences of women. This work for West Side Stories considers home as a place of both comfort and alienation. It explores these ideas through the experiences of three local women. Each of them have enjoyed the safety, security and stability of home, but have also endured broken trust, isolation and fear. 

Each woman has been able to overcome these trials through sheer determination and the support of their communities. 

Holding On and Letting Go: Mrs Harris’ Shop – Torrensville

Grief is messy, and layered, and embeds itself in the objects around us. Parting with them is bound in unresolved feelings but moving forward is necessary. 

This is the story of returning to the childhood home to care for aging parents in their last months of life. 

It is the compounded sadness of three lost family members and three pets; and the loneliness of being the last one. 

It’s the claustrophobia of not being able to breathe properly, surrounded by the weight of it all. Knowing what needs doing but not having the strength for it.