Ritual & Relic

As part of ‘Retelling’ at Fabrik Arts & Heritage, Lobethal – February 2022

Ritual & Relic, 2022 – reclaimed linoleum, polycarbonate, cotton. Five components, size variable.

This exhibition explored the gentle, rich, radical philosophy of slow making and repurposing, while honouring and adding to the stories that lie latent within the ordinary objects in our lives. As Fabrik heads towards a major redevelopment, incorporating repair and looking toward a renewed purpose of its beautiful heritage buildings , this exhibition carried a similar intent of mending, reuse and repurpose.

Within my work for Retelling, I have explored the domestic space as a site of small daily rituals, each accompanied by their own artefacts and narratives.

Ritual and routine form order from chaos in our homes. Domestic acts of creation and maintenance don’t just transform our physical environment but us and our relationships, too. The relics in our homes may be precious but probably aren’t – they can be both sacred and mundane. Grandma’s jewels, lino in the bottom of a kitchen drawer, the children’s height scratched into a doorway.

Everyday objects become mediators of memory – they hold stories and deep significance – helping us orient ourselves within the chatter and tumble of our inner lives.

Work still available for purchase is listed in my store.